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re: Hunter Application

Character Name:


Armory Link:


Real Life Age:



Realm Time



Spec 1:


Spec 2:


(I am currently trying out "Thrill of the Hunt" and might as well keep on playing with this talent). And the Glyphs i use while raiding are Glyph of Animal Bond, Glyph of Deterrence, Glyph of Marked for Death



Why are you applying to Muppets?. Please tell us if you know anyone in the guild and how you heard about us.:

The guild i am currently in is about to be disbanded and i intend to transfer my character. I discussed with some friends and told me Frostmane is a very good Alliance server to transfer to and i looked through the wowprogress site for a guild that meets up to my expectations. I dont know anyone in the Muppets though

Muppets has very strict behavior policy and while we aren't here to police your game time, we encourage people to have fun and not take things too seriously. However members are expected to adhere to the policy and uphold the good name of the guild do you agree?:

Ofc, officers will always know if i dont attend and so on.

Availability: Raids for Muppets start at about 8pm (server time) and finish at 12am twice/ week.

Available on weekdays from 19.00-00.00

What steps do you take to improve your character?:

Reading forums and discussing with friends

Do you have any raiding experience?

Killed in Vanilla (@60): none
Tbc @ 70: cleared everything but Sunwell
Wotlk/ICC @ 80: Hardcore Progress, active char at this time:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/Psofi/simple (you can check achievement dates and progress)
Cataclysm experience @85: inactive, DS normal cleared though
Current MoP experience: MV normal cleared, 4/6 HoF

Do you feel you can bring anything special or unique to Muppets?:

Some pretty cool feats of strength for your guild prestige Happy and ofc a pleasant company

We try to balance our raid so you may NOT always get a raid invite when you signed up, are you ok with this?:

I am ok with this as long as there is a priority system and the criteria are the right ones

We require the use of certain mods and addons, and the ability to use voice chat for raiding. You do not have to have a mic (although its preferred), just the ability to take direction, the following is required: Teamspeak 3, Threat Meter, DBM.:


Any other information you would like us to know about you?:

All in all a very friendly polite and serious player, for additional info please let me know as there are lots of infos i think are not to be included in an application once its too complicated to explain (how i play my char and so on)

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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