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re: Aphios Holy Paladin

You´re going to be awake then Ulf? And new pics of the ex puppy pls.
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re: Aphios Holy Paladin

Your gear is a tad low for what we're currently working on (ie HC Spine & soon Madness) but I guess that's nothing a reset or two won't fix.

Are you available on Sunday, sometime between 19:00-20:00 (Server time, ie GMT+1) for a quick interview over Teamspeak?
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re: Aphios Holy Paladin

I had a very brief chat with Aphios today and I told him we might be interested if he is holy ;). I also asked him to write something here and he sure did!

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re: Aphios Holy Paladin

Character Name: Aphios

Armory Link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Aphios/simple

Real Life Age: 21


Class: Paladin

Spec 1: Holy PvE

Spec 2: Hole PvP


Why are you applying to Muppets?. Please tell us if you know anyone in the guild and how you heard about us.:
I dont know anyone am new on this server and i found ya from wowprogress.com

Muppets has very strict behavior policy and while we aren't here to police your game time, we encourage people to have fun and not take things too seriously. However members are expected to adhere to the policy and uphold the good name of the guild do you agree?: Ofc

Availability: Raids for Muppets start at about 8pm (server time) and finish at 12am on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday: The only issue i have is that on Wedn i can log after 21.20ST for the rest ~20days Thu,thurs,sun i can have 100% attendance

What steps do you take to improve your character?:
Everything i have to

What is your raiding experience (if any)? Vanilla WoW, TBC, WOTLK, CATA:
Well lets start:
Mc Clear (Guild Industrial Stength)
BWL Clear ( Dawning)
AQ20 Clear (Dawning)
Aq40 Clear (Industrial Strength & Dawning)
Onyxia Clear (Industrial Stregth & Dawning)
ZG Clear (Vanity,Industrial Strength & Dawning)
Naxxramas Clear (Decimation)
Vanila characters

U cant see first profile i guess cause this account was offline for shit long time but u can search it on Guild Progress data)

Karazan Cleared (La Famiglia @ Ravenholtd)
Gruuls Lair Cleared (TAP @ Ravenholtd)
Maggy's Lair Cleared (TAP @ Ravenholtd)
TK Cleared (Cubanate@Twlights Hammer)
MH Cleared (Cubanate@Twilights Hammer)
BT Cleared (Infernals@Genjuros)
SWP Half Bosses (Infernals@Genjuros) ( i stopped wow for 2 months)
TBC Characters:

Wotlk :
Naxxramas Cleared (I dont remeber name atm)@ Ravenholtd
Ulduar Cleared (I dont remeber name atm)@ Ravenholtd
EoE Cleared (I dont remeber name atm)@ Ravenholtd
Icc10/25N Cleared (Rebirth @ Ravenholtd)
Icc10/25H 11/12 ( RR Inc@ Ravenholtd)
TocToGC 10/25 (RR Inc@ Ravenholtd)
OS 10/25 Including 3d (Last Option)
Wotlk Chars:

BwD cleared Dark Prophecy @ Defias Brotherhood
BoT cleared Dark Prophecy @ Defias Brotherhood
ToTFW cleared Dark Prophecy @ Defias Brotherhood
Firelands cleared Dark Prophecy @ Defias Brotherhood
Cata Character:

Previous guilds (and why did you leave them)?:
Well i wrote my previus guilds so lets see:
Industrial Strength (Inside Problems officers,etc)
Dawning Disbanded
Vanity was made by some Dawning members but we left and joined Decimation btw i must tell that with Vanity we did 11man Onyxia back to Vanilla!

Decimation disbanded with the openin ofTBC like many 40man core guilds and i moved to ravenholtd i joined La Famiglia for fun it was a casual Guild then i left cause i realized that i want to play core again and i joined TAP the first guild on this server (Realm first Gruul,Maggy,Kara if i remeber good) when Tap Disbanded i moved to Twilights Hammer on Cubanat, ileft cubanate cause they disbanded i moved to Infernals in Genjuros (realm 1st) and then with the openin of cata they stopped raiding!

I moved back to Ravenholtd and i joined Inferno if i remeber good the name with my resto shammy then i jumped back to warrior cause inferno disbanded in a casual guild and after this i decided to find something core and i lvled up my priest in order to change role after ~3 years of pure Dps! With my Priest i joined Rebirth and because of inside issues i left cause there were no raids and i joined Realm First Guild RR Inc which i stayed till the end of the expansion!

I decided to go casual on cataclysm and spent my time on PvP,i decided then to lvl up every class in order to try em and choose what suits me better! Then a friend asked my to join his Casual guild on Defias Brotherhood with some other realife friends and do some pve just for fun like we did Bwl,Bot,ToTFW,Firelands Cleared but it was just for fun!

Do you feel you can bring anything special or unique to Muppets?: Heals Heals Heals and when we are not raiding som fun i hope

Muppets sometimes can run up to 3 10man raids sometimes only 1 raid, this all depends on the raid signup/setups. We try to balance our raid so you may NOT always get a raid invite when you signed up, are you ok with this?:
Well because i change my real life plans in order to be on home and raid i wouldnt mind if that happens some times but in general its not something that i prefer i use to be a core raider and always be a part of main teams so as my activity is gonna be like 99,0% i would like the same from raid side in near future ofc i understand if something happens!

We require the use of certain mods and addons, and the ability to use voice chat for raiding. You do not have to have a mic (although its preferred), just the ability to take direction, the following is required: Teamspeak 3, Threat Meter, DBM.: Got em

Any other information you would like us to know about you?:
Well i understand that mainly 3 things suck on this application:
1)My proffesions ( but tommorow or the day after tommorow i will raise em to 525 i must spent some time cause its rly boring)

2) My gear ( My gear is not the best cause the paladin was offline ~1,5 month after FL came out that why my gear is mixed up BWL,Bot,some FL items,some RF items etc...The reasons that my gear atm have no enchants is because i moved on this server 6-7 days ago and i was refreshin my gear all the time from new heroics and some RF items etc...now that i got some RF items ofcourse i will do my enchants i just didnt want to waste enchants on gear that i knew that i will change the same day hope you understand)

3)The availability to be on time on Wed's for the next ~20 days

P.S:About 1,2 I hope that u understand that its a matter of time to fix this stuff i just started paladin again thats why there is a chaos on basic things :P

Thanks for your time
85lvl Human Paladin
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